Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016, I had the great experience of being the Artist in Residence at West Buckland School in South West England for two years. North Devon has a staggeringly beautiful coastline, constantly surprising in its varied views. It's a place that feels under the radar, and even after two years there I was finding new places to explore right on my doorstep. My time spent there allowed me the freedom of really exploring the materials I used and what it was I wanted to make.

The art I create is in a way a visual documentation of my own connection with nature and being in the environment, looking at how water moulds and shapes land and life. Having been brought up close to the coast, the sea is an ongoing interest of mine. Whether its sailing on it, surfing in it or walking beside it, the sea offers up continual inspiration. 

Through my art I want to show the awesome power that the landscape and the sea holds but also the fragile nature of this environment. Aesthetically this might be evident in the materials I have used. Or it might be shown in the abstraction of the landscape that visualises the elemental aspects that I felt in that place.

I make art because I want to describe and remember places I have been. I want to capture that feeling of a wild, windswept day on the sand by the sea. I want to show the way the rocks by the sea edge have numerous intricate cracks running through them creating woven tapestries in the cliffs. These details and feelings can be overlooked or forgotten, but by making a visual recording of it, these memories can be revisited and remembered. 

I hope that through my artwork I can encourage people to engage more with the landscape around them, and really appreciate the beauty and power in the landscape. 

Exhibitions & Residencies

28th August - July 4th 2018     Artist in Residence at West Buckland School, Devon

26th May - 10th June 2018     Pop-up Gallery and open studio for Dorset Art Weeks

9th - 28th February 2018     Printmakers Open, Town Mill Arts Courtyard Gallery, Lyme Regis, Dorset

14th - 25th November 2017     South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts Open Exhibition, Castle St, Exeter

Shortlisted for the Bath and West Art Scholarship

27th May - 5th June 2016     Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

12th April 2016     Asbestos Rest Stop, Edinburgh College of Art

22nd February - 4th of March 2016     Drawing on drawing, Edinburgh College of Art

19th February - 3rd April 2016     Moving Mountains Festival, An Ealdhains Art Trust, Lime Tree Gallery, Fort William

12th - 19th February 2016     Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, The Biscuit Factory

2nd December 2016     HATCH, The Caves, Edinburgh

BA(hons) Painting - Edinburgh College of Art 2013 - 2016

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - Falmouth University 2012 - 2013

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