1. Insta-silence

    04 Aug 2019
    I can hear the stream running below my bedroom window and the faint engine of cars passing through the village. It is a Sunday afternoon and I am trying to edit a series of photos. Clearly it is not going great. I am convincing myself that by writing I am…

  2. DORSET ART WEEKS - its happening!!

    06 Sep 2018
    DORSET ART WEEKS 2018 Saturday 26th May - Sunday 10th June 2018  VENUE 34 I will be opening up my shed studio and pop up cottage gallery for Dorset Art Weeks showing a selection of recent work including drawings, painting, prints, cards and a couple of sculptures! The studio will be…

  3. Exhibition info: Printmakers Open

    06 Sep 2018
    9-28 February 2018  Printmakers Open at Town Mill Arts, Lyme Regis, Dorset I have some prints in the Printmakers Open exhibition which is currently on in Lyme Regis at the Town Mill Art Galleries. The exhibition is showing local and the Exeter based Double Elephant printmakers as well as…

  4. Printmakers Open 2018

    07 Apr 2018
    As I write this I am sitting in Kings Cross station, a world away from the sleepy Devon hills. Go back to a week ago, and I was walking along the promenade in Lyme Regis, shoes in one hand as the sun set leaving an inky blue sky to settle…

  5. Trip to a bunkhouse on on the Cornish coast

    07 Apr 2018
    9.34am on the road, in the minibus, and off on the A level art trip to stay in a bunkhouse in Cornwall. Each year the A level art students at West Buckland go on a 3 day trip, with a focus on creating a body of work that will push…

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